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Website: http://town.bridgewater.va.us

The Town of Bridgewater presently encompasses approximately 2.4775 square miles. The Town continues to serve as an area for trade and commerce with government and professional offices, banks, restaurants, and a variety of retail establishments. The Town also is an employment center with several major industries located within its borders. Bridgewater College, a private educational institution, Bridgewater Home, a private nursing care facility, and the Bridgewater Retirement Village are also located within the Town.

Bridgewater College

Website: http://www.bridgewater.edu

Founded as one of the first coeducational colleges in Virginia, Bridgewater was established in 1880 as Spring Creek Normal and Collegiate Institute by Daniel Christian Flory, an alumnus of the University of Virginia and a young progressive leader in the Church of the Brethren. Nine years later the school was named Bridgewater College and chartered by the Commonwealth of Virginia to grant undergraduate degrees. Two major influences, the University of Virginia and the Church of the Brethren, have shaped Bridgewater as an educational institution and created its personality.

Bridgewater College strives to be an academic community with a distinctively Christian atmosphere and a wholesome balance of learning, service, and leisure. The College endeavors to be a community of excellence in which each student is treated with respect. There is mutual concern and support from the faculty and administration, and each student develops a sense of responsibility to others both near and far. Bridgewater promotes a breadth of intellectual experience as well as proficiency in specific subject fields. Broadly speaking, its primary academic objective is a comprehensive appreciation of the social sciences, the humanities, and the natural sciences.

Developing the total person is taken seriously at Bridgewater. On the premise that recognition of one's capabilities is the beginning of wisdom, Bridgewater offers a liberal arts education designed to help the student gain as complete a self-understanding as possible. As a liberal arts college, it helps students discover how they think, what they feel, why they act as they do, and who they are. Life at Bridgewater College can become a journey of exploration and discovery to the student who is committed unreservedly to the process of a liberal arts education.

The mission of Bridgewater College is to educate and develop the whole person. Our graduates will be equipped to become leaders, living ethical, healthy, useful and fulfilling lives with a strong sense of personal accountability and civic responsibility. This mission is carried out in a learning community, with Christian values, high standards of integrity and excellence, affirming and challenging each member.

© Bridgewater College


Website: http://www.town.broadway.va.us

The Town of Broadway is located in Northern Rockingham County. There are several annual festivals at our parks, on Main Street, and at other gathering places. Broadway has public and private schools, a library, post office as well as police, fire, rescue and municipal buildings. A wide range of businesses, shopping, and services are all available in our area. There are several dining options including authentic small town diners, pizzarias, and more. Broadway's residents live primarily in single family homes, but there are apartments and other rental properties in town. Our town also has plenty of places of worship, parks and a pool. Broadway has a variety of sporting events including a baseball team and high school athletics.


Website: http://www.townofdaytonva.us

The Town of Dayton is one of the oldest settled communities in Rockingham County, and is the County's second oldest incorporated town. The Dayton area was first settled in the mid 1740s, when because of the fertile land and abundance of fresh spring water, settlers located along Cook's Creek.

The village grew as farming families who traced their roots to England, Scotland and Ireland arrived. By the 1780s, Mennonite families began settling in this lush, fertile valley and added much to the cultural make-up of Dayton.

Dayton was a cultural center for many years. In 1878, the publishing firm, first established by Joseph Funk in Singers Glen, was moved to Dayton by his grandsons. The Ruebush-Kieffer Printing and Publishing Company was the largest publisher in Virginia at the turn of the century, specializing in music.

Dayton with its twenty-six houses was incorporated May 20, 1852, soon after the completion of the Warm Spring-Harrisonburg Turnpike. It was incorporated again in March 1880 because of continued growth. The town government was enlarged from a Mayor and trustees to a Mayor and Council, and a Town Sergeant and Clerk were appointed.

The Dayton of today still bears many signs of its rich past and history. For those who call the Shenandoah Valley and Dayton home, as well as those who come to visit, there is much in the present and future to be proud of, as well.

The real beauty of the town is its people. Dayton is a blend of families who can trace their ancestors to a time when this community was just a stop on the Warm Spring Turnpike to those who have in recent years brought cultural richness of their own to the town.

© Town of Dayton


Website: http://www.elktonva.gov

Nestled at the foothills of the famous Blue Ridge Mountains, Elkton is a picturesque little town with a superb quality of life. Elkton is located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley on the South Fork of the Shenandoah River and is surrounded by the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains to the east and the scenic Massanutten Mountains to the west. The Town was called Conrad's Store from 1812 to 1881. Elkton became incorporated in 1908. Enjoy your virtual visit to Elkton and come visit us soon!

© Town of Elkton


Website: http://www.harrisonburgva.gov

The City of Harrisonburg is located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. It is surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains on the east and the Allegheny Mountains on the west.

During the Civil War, Harrisonburg played a pivotal role. Prior to war, Harrisonburg was a thriving town. During the war, the city was a route for both the northern and southern troops. The schools and homes served as hospitals to care for the wounded and dying. Even the fence surrounding the courthouse served as a stockade for Union prisoners taken at the Battle of Cross Keys. With Harrisonburg being right in the middle of the conflict, there was great strain because of divided sympathies. The area's representatives to the convention on secession were opposed to Virginia leaving the Union.

Even after the war, the town of Harrisonburg continued to prosper. In 1916, the town was incorporated as an independent city and grew by leaps and bounds. By 1920, the US Census Bureau estimated that 5,875 people resided in the area. By the 1950s, it was known as the "City with a Planned Future" and in 1990 Governor Douglas Wilder declared Harrisonburg a "city of the first class."

Today, the city is a commerce and travel center and is known for its poultry industry. In 1996, the population was approximately 33,800. Harrisonburg also offers wonderful educational opportunities with four institutions of learning (James Madison University, Eastern Mennonite University, Bridgewater College and the Blue Ridge Community College) located in the vicinity. Harrisonburg is a growing city with a diverse population. We pride ourselves in the accomplishments of our citizens and businesses. In recent years increasing efforts have been made toward preserving our history for future generations as well as attracting businesses that will make Harrisonburg a viable competitor in this increasingly high tech world.

© City of Harrisonburg

Downtown Harrisonburg

Website: http://www.downtownharrisonburg.org

From the quiet creativity of an art gallery to the energy of crowded taverna, downtown boasts the most diverse range of shopping and dining choices in Harrisonburg for all ages. It's a place infused with rich history, scenic beauty, and lively, southern charm. Whatever your purpose or pleasure, Downtown Harrisonburg hospitality is among the best anywhere, and we invite you to visit again and again.

Eastern Mennonite University

Website: http://www.emu.edu

Welcome to Eastern Mennonite University.

Eastern Mennonite School, as it was first called, began as a Bible academy and is now a fully accredited university with over 1,400 students in the undergraduate, seminary and graduate programs. EMU was founded to provide a setting for young men and women of the Mennonite Church to deepen their biblical faith, study the liberal arts and gain specific skills in a variety of professions.

The school's name was changed from "college and seminary" to "university" in August 1994.

Biblical studies, liberal arts, graduate programs and professional training-EMU is still evolving, but its roots reach deep into Mennonite heritage which takes history seriously and reveres humble service guided by faith and knowledge.

© Eastern Mennonite University

James Madison University

Website: http://www.jmu.edu

Everything on our beautiful campus in the center of the Shenandoah Valley is designed, built and run with the success of our 15,000+ students in mind. Faculty and students here share an unusually close relationship for a university our size. Our curriculum is innovative and alive. Campus life is vibrant - everything at JMU is compelled by delivering on the promise made by our mission.

© James Madison University

Shenandoah Heritage Market

Sample some old-fashioned Valley goodness at the area's largest country market. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of water gardens and park benches while you wander through 20+ locally owned and operated shops. Come enjoy a taste of the past.

Valley Mall

Celebrating 25 years of the being the Central Shenandoah Valley's top shopping destination, Valley Mall welcomes you to experience shopping at its finest!

Massanutten / McGaheysville

Welcome to historic and scenic Massanutten and McGaheysville, located at the foot of Massanutten Mountain. Massanutten and McGaheysville are located midway between the City of Harrisonburg and the Town of Elkton on US 33 in Rockingham County. This area features rolling hills and plenty of farmland, dotted with both historic and newly developed properties. Massanutten Mountain provides a stunning backdrop for these communities and offers residents endless opportunities for hiking, camping, picnicing and other recreational activities.


Website: http://www.town.timberville.va.us

The Town of Timberville boasts a rich and extensive history, one of the reasons many residents display great pride in their Town. Before Timberville was an established town it was comprised of two forts, one on the west side of town and one on the banks of the Shenandoah River. The Shenandoah River was a very important factor in the founding of Timberville, as it was a good means of transportation for the settlers as well as a way to transport and receive food and other goods. Before the Town was called Timberville as it is today, it was known as Williamsport after Abraham Williamson, proprietor of the first general store. In 1872, William Thompson purchased the store and the settlement then became known as Thompson's Store. Around 1850, the name changed again, to Riddle's Tavern. The date which the Town was named Timberville is not known.

© Town of Timberville